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You know I’m a cheerleader for sneakers and the combination above is (besides the beautiful color) what I wore a while ago. I guess that combination is having a comeback next week. Silky harempants + a matching blazer + a retro sneaker = SNEAKERLOVING-FASHION.

Image via because I’m addicted.

I Wish …

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Believes Funky Tribal Bag

Céline ZZ sunglasses

Osborn Design Studios Huipile Bootie

Pendleton Heritage Home Decor

I got the fashion-tribal fever in earthy tones! Céline shades are just the best this season and need to be part of my wishful thinking list to keep me from dancing around the bonfire singing spells. Enjoy your Summer!

Image via purse ‘n boots, boticca, here, The Shoe Buff, Agency V.

WUNDERVOLL ::: Spring Summer 2011

Posted in Lookbook by strytllng on March 17, 2011

Finally…the Spring Summer collection 2011 from WUNDERVOLL. After I had discovered the Winter 10-11 collection for myself, the new light-as-air underwear collection in earth tones doesn’t disappoint either. The latest collection is following up perfectly with the WUNDERVOLL typical signature design of silk-jersey lingerie with curved seams and retro-sporty cuts.

Hot summer nights? Cool skin luxury.

Don’t Kill The Messenger

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Yes, this is one of these girly posts where I sigh about things I want but don’t need to survive in this world.

99% of you may have the same morning routine: wake up – get up – start the computer – shower/dress/breakfast – check emails. So it happened this morning. I actually looked into my Urban Outfitters newsletter and got hooked on the babies above. Spring is approaching quickly and I have this urge for new members to join my wardrobe club. The dress looks enormously comfortable – unfortunately the shoes don’t. (But that’s not the criteria for gorgeous shoe shopping.) They are not meant to go to fashion week but will be of great use in the city this Summer.


Dear Urban Outfitters: stop sending me your selections – resisting your charm is simply killing me.

All images via Urban Outfitters.

WUNDERVOLL ::: Summer Rain On Your Skin

Posted in Lookbook by strytllng on January 13, 2011

Not many things can surprise this fashionette especially not when it comes to lingerie. We all know the leopard-printed knickers, black-laced bras and unoriginal shapes in which everything that’s worn underneath, comes in. (I won’t even go into further detail about awful materials and changing shapes after the first contact with the washing machine.) Underwear that makes you feel in a way, that makes you appearance shine without being seen can only mean one thing:

It feels like a warm shower after a day of freezing in soaking wet clothes – BEAUTIFUL COMFORT

I have had one of these moments when I tried on my first piece from Berlin-based lingerie label WUNDERVOLL. The name pretty much says it all – it is wonderful. The softest silk fuses with your skin. The design is exactly what is needed: retro shapes and soft colors. If you get a chance to dip your bodies in these babies, please do so. This luxury label is an investment without regrets. WUNDERVOLL is not about trying to impress anybody else but about the best feeling lingerie could provide for you and only Y.O.U.

WUNDERVOLL will showcase their new collection during Berlin Fashion Week next week at Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 22, Berlin Mitte, 16-21 JANUARY 2011 (professionals only).

Impressions ::: THE VOODOO’s BEAUTY

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A small creative market with selected vintage, creative designers, tattoo artists, DIY beauty corner with lots of retro beauty items, the cutest voodoo dolls/monsters and homemade pies opened its doors on Saturday in Berlin’s electro club: Chez Jacki – need I say more? Sometimes a gallery speaks for itself.


Look du Jour

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From the turbanesque leather headband, the ripped hemlines of the oversized plain shirt to the combination of these gorgeous wedge boots with what looks like the smoothest leather – I love the look. The artistic aspect of the background visual and the bob hair cut are completing the look of casual-twenties-futurism. Beautiful.

Image via source.

Bikini Beauties

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This will be the weekend I finally get to use the hot weather for some good . I’ll go to the countryside and jump in a lake every hour. Now starts the packing-panic…WAIT no panic necessary. All I need are a few dresses, my sandals, some SPF and of course: my bikinis!!! Today’s post honors one of the best inventions ever made in the fashion industry and the women who wear the two piece swimwear so beautifully. What was seen as an obscene mood swing in beachwear has quickly become the one thing every woman calls her must-have for beach days. Merci beaucoup Monsieur Réard!!!

+++On the beach+++

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From the title and the feel-good atmosphere it implies to the pattern of the umbrella, the matching color setting and the “lost” Cadillac-ass…I am embracing this vintage LP cover because it just made me smile. Wishing you all a great weekend – because we deserve it.

Image via Jalouse blog.

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Camera Eye: Sloan Photographers

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I have come upon these photos during my daily internet reads. They caught my eye immediately. Not only is the couple in this setting absolutely adorable but I like how the Photographers have managed to capture their portrait in a series of retro-romantic pictures. The clothes are matching the setting accessories, the light is perfect and the coloration fits the frame. Well done!

See more photos of this series and other amazing pictures at Sloan Photographers

All Photos via Sloan Photographers

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