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If you’ve been following Streetstyle blogs during this Fashion Week season, you’ll have noticed the trend of megawatt colors outside the runwayshows. The trend seems to be going towards big accessories, structures and patterns but the combination of flashy colors, flashy design and overaccessorized fashionistas is just not my cup of tea. I prefer the clean-cut design accentuated with some color – a style that won’t stress your visual sense. In fact, the minimalist-neon combination soothes the overfashioned brain like homemade lemonade on one of these first hot Spring days.


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Milano Day Three ::: All In The Details

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Now that day three had approached and my two friends had arrived from Paris, we needed a bigger hotelroom suited for three people. After a long search, we finally found ourselves in a flat-like vintage hotelroom from the 70s and were ready to hit the Just Cavalli show, did some post-show interviews and went to the La Perla lace night to finish the day. Above you see the most outstanding and individual people there were for me that day. One is Daisy Dee (Fashion Trix TV) and Romina Caponi (Designer for Roberto Cavalli) who both had very different stylings but both were very relaxed in what they while effortlessly giving it a very personal twist with their accessories. Daisy’s necklace was a one-of-a-kind gift from her friends naming all the blessings in her life and Romina’s clean cowgirl look met the orient with her dark eyeliner and jewellry which she had bought from a local designer during a visit in Turkey. I am a big fan of Romina’s accessories but there was nothing brighter that day than Daisy’s smile – gotta love the girls!

More Than A Woman

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We could do it just like men…or we can do it our own way and add an aesthetic that brings back wit and fun to fashion with an appeal that has long been lost in an over-sexed fashion world.

The lovely lady above is Kamila, a friend, the woman behind the camera of many fashion videos you’ve seen (check the MILAN FASHION CIRCUS video) on Strytllng and fresh breeze of air when it comes to viewing fashion through her camera. Who else choses the music to such perfection, makes upbeat cuts without overflashing the viewers eyes?

Just look at the “Best of New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011” video. Yes, fashion can be effortless fun with a young and chic sensitivity that’s hard to find in other videos. BRAVO MISS K!

BTW: Kamila is the younger one of a sisterly duo from Parisian video production company KO.FASHION.

New Blogroll Member…

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Because, he’s fresh, talented, has got a great eye for setting and is one of the few versatile streetstyle blogs that is on my daily read. I might want to add:  his photographed characters never seem like they are models trying too hard. Mr. Newton: welcome to my blogroll!

Image via Mr. Newton.

..:: Streets of NYC ::..

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That hat at 0:51.

The lovely lady at 0:22.

The bow tie at 0:44.

The one city I always wanted to but haven’t lived in yet. Great people and amazing style in one great city – NYC. has made these amazing streetstyle shots in motion and I must say it catches the people, their style and individual personalities a lot better than the regular still lifes could. The videos feel more like a portrait of the city as a whole and it’s people rather than an extract of the stylish people.

BTW: It seems to be all about the hair and outstanding accessories in the city that never sleeps. Now that’s my kinda fashionlove. Yes, I always loved the early 90s.

Bicycle Portraits ::: A Different Kind of Streetstyle in South Africa

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While cycling up and down the bike lanes through Berlin’s breezy streets has become the new IT and bikes have quickly evolved into status symbols where safety locks can be covered with luxurious leather and the frame be engraved with our favourite poem, South African commuters are facing tougher challenges each and every single day. I have stumbled across this project on twitter with a bit more than 100 followers but was fascinated to find out that even Facehunter has twittered about this unique project – I am speaking about Bicycle Portraits by Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler.

The project which has started in 2010 will not focus on photographing people who ride purely for exercise or recreation, but instead they are focussing on those who use bicycles as an integral tool in their day-to-day existence. In South Africa, only few people use the bike as a tool of transportation even though there is a lack of proper public transport infrastructure, and that which does exist is expensive and unsafe.

“I bought this bike one year ago now. And I like riding my bicycle. I’m Malawian, and I came to South Africa in November of 2008. I also had a bicycle in Malawi. I like the exercise, that’s why I like bicycles. But it’s more dangerous here because here there are lots of cars… Malawi has much fewer cars that here. Luckily since I came here I’ve had no accidents. I have a helmet at home but because it’s hot today that’s why I left it. I prefer this bike to a mountain bike because this one rides very quickly, ha, ha! But I need a faster one because this one is now finished, the tires are finished!” Inock Banda

While riding a bike in Berlin is considered hip and chic and entire streets such as Linienstrasse are dedicated to bikes and their environmental-friendly image, the means of transportation in South Africa still indicate a social gap where there is a growing divide between those who can afford motorised transport and those who struggle to.

We’ve noticed that as our major centers develop there still seems to be a trend to make cities more friendly for cars, not people.

Both guys are South Africans touring through their country by bike; documenting those they meet; with a need to raise awareness for the underprivileged bicycle community with this self-published book project. The Hardcover book will be published as soon as the costs are funded. Awareness for using bicycles among all social classes is the goal.

We’re finding out who rides bicycles, why they ride bicycles, if and why they love their bicycles, and of course why so few South Africans choose bicycles as a transport option.

“I’ve rode all over with this bike – even as far as Harrismith, Frankfort, Tweeling and Reitz. Since 1967, it’s an old bicycle! Old! I’ve got carriers for the front and back, I’ve taken off the font one, but if I go load, I put it on. I hope my children will also get into cycling in the future so that they can go to new places.” Amos Mphuti

The long-term goal of this book is to provide skills, and necessities like helmets, tires, locks and more, to support those riding bikes financially through a start-up charity and to promote cycling as a means of independent transportation, empowering the underprivileged, environmental-friendly and to regain the awareness that the city should also be for the people and not just be for cars.

Please support the project, which is 55% funded by now. Pledging starts at $1, get yourself a pre-order copy starting at $50 or even get a special shoutout with a higher pledge. For more information or the pledge-for-reward system visit – or – to get involved or find out more about the project. Follow them on twitter –

Interview ::: When Yvan Rodic came to town

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It may have been the last interview of the evening, we were tired and sometimes misunderstood each other but Yvan surely is a great interview partner. When being asked a question he will answer calm and eloquent. He takes his time for everybody who is interested and wants a piece of him. He is charismatic and keeps the bloggers standing in the interview queue happy with champagne. Yvan Rodic is a true professional who does what he likes and sometimes seems like he hasn’t realized that the formerly small blogger has become a celebrity and media spectacle wherever he goes. Watch the video and you will know what I mean. After misunderstanding my first question he comes back to answering it and tells us what fashion means to him, why he comes out with a book after making a buzz on the internet and what will be next for the handsome streetstyle blogger.

I am not obsessed with fashion…I like the idea of it as a form of creativity – a personal expression.

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