..:: Sneaker-Diva ::..

Posted in Fashion by strytllng on July 1, 2011

You know I’m a cheerleader for sneakers and the combination above is (besides the beautiful color) what I wore a while ago. I guess that combination is having a comeback next week. Silky harempants + a matching blazer + a retro sneaker = SNEAKERLOVING-FASHION.

Image via because I’m addicted.

I Wish …

Posted in Fashion, Uncategorized by strytllng on May 17, 2011

Believes Funky Tribal Bag

Céline ZZ sunglasses

Osborn Design Studios Huipile Bootie

Pendleton Heritage Home Decor

I got the fashion-tribal fever in earthy tones! Céline shades are just the best this season and need to be part of my wishful thinking list to keep me from dancing around the bonfire singing spells. Enjoy your Summer!

Image via purse ‘n boots, boticca, here, The Shoe Buff, Agency V.

..:: Stylehero ::..

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Love this classic short ensemble in nude colors and the break with some timeless sneakers.

Image via

Next On The Knitting Line…

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Does anybody have a pattern for a knitted turban?


Image via / For more images visit: fashiontoast

..:: Recording Chapter ::..

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I have been to the desert and back, I almost got hit by a bus in London, I tried surfing in Bordeira, I ate bad sushi in Berlin, I got drunk in Paris, I got severe blisters on my feet both in Lisbon and Madrid. I swam naked in the Swedish archipelago, I lost my voice in Gothenburg, I ate risotto in Milan, I fell off my bike in Stockholm. A psychic told me I will grow very old, a man told me I looked like Heidi Fleiss, my brother is in love, my sister is in New York, my drummer told me I’m bad of appreciating moments of grandness.

I am also hard at work in the studio.

My mind is occupied, my heart is healing, my voice in progress.

Lykke Li is finally back in the recording studio and I can hardly wait to see the outcome.

Quote and image via Lykke’s blog.

The “Manipulator” Strikes Again ::: ‘glass ceiling’ by Jill Greenberg

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I love these photos for all sorts of reasons. First there is the irony in the cliché about the sport of synchronised swimming. Probably being the fantasy of many men, these girls in swimsuits aren’t just doing their sport to end up as eye candy neither are they all ‘posing’ just for you while performing a professional sport which only a trained elite could do. Leading the fantasy to an extreme it just makes the fact more obvious that the picture in our mind can never be a mirrored image of reality. Secondly it is the aesthetic of extreme coloring, shaping and reflections, all signature of the unmistakable style of Jill Greenberg that fascinates me while looking at these images. But most of all this series can make my mind swim with those girl. Yes, sometime we wear heels in ridiculous situations just for the feel of it and we are free while brushing our teeth in the privacy of what we call HOME just like these synchronized swimmers adapt to the water like fishes in the sea. I would gladly change my place behind my desk right now if only I could feel the water wash around my skin, having my hair wildly flowing around my head and be in the state of weightlessness for just one minute and dip my head under this glass ceiling.

Images via TheTrendyGirl.

Dogs Hair Day

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on July 7, 2010

On my way to the library a young brown-haired puppy checked me out and I couldn’t take my eyes off the little one either. It was the first smile on this early summer morning.

Image via source.

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