Milano Day Three ::: All In The Details

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Now that day three had approached and my two friends had arrived from Paris, we needed a bigger hotelroom suited for three people. After a long search, we finally found ourselves in a flat-like vintage hotelroom from the 70s and were ready to hit the Just Cavalli show, did some post-show interviews and went to the La Perla lace night to finish the day. Above you see the most outstanding and individual people there were for me that day. One is Daisy Dee (Fashion Trix TV) and Romina Caponi (Designer for Roberto Cavalli) who both had very different stylings but both were very relaxed in what they while effortlessly giving it a very personal twist with their accessories. Daisy’s necklace was a one-of-a-kind gift from her friends naming all the blessings in her life and Romina’s clean cowgirl look met the orient with her dark eyeliner and jewellry which she had bought from a local designer during a visit in Turkey. I am a big fan of Romina’s accessories but there was nothing brighter that day than Daisy’s smile – gotta love the girls!


Back to the Future ::: Billy Idol

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There is no logic behind this and it has nothing to do with a sentimental flashback because I wasn’t even born yet but I am digging everything from Billy Idol lately. My first Billy love was the Booker soundtrack: Hot in the City which I am singing a lot lately – due to an extreme summer. Booker was a very H.O.T. TV show starring Richard Grieco which I first saw in the early 90s. The spin-off from 21 Jump Street with Johnny Depp, quickly became an addiction and a must-see. If I saw these shows today they wouldn’t be the same anymore but every once in a while I catch myself watching the intros with joy and a bit sentimentality for it was a time when still everything was about the cool, the easy and the excitement – tricks were still possible and whether I wanted to be a model, a doctor or a florist didn’t matter. Everything was new and fabulous. But one thing we couldn’t foresee: The future as it is right now. I am blogging and people from every part in the world are reading my thoughts and share theirs with me. I cannot imagine my live without the internet anymore. Cheers to a catalogue of all things that were and that will be.

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