Morning Theme

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If you found yourself in an underwater situation of any kind this morning – this is our theme.

My heating broke down turning parts of our flat into a pool. Can you beat that?


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August is approaching quickly and the organisation for VOODOO MARKET #4 are heating up these days. I will meet my friend and partner Oryanne this evening to talk about the concept. I cannot believe we are doing this again so quickly?! It is a LOT of work but #3 went so well, we had people asking for #5 already. VOODOO MARKET is about friends and the friends of friends getting together in one place in one afternoon, exchange inspirations or enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. My personal favorite is always to see the exhibitors building up their stands to see their individual decoration and then watch them proudly present their craftmanship. Handmade items are appreciated around the world by people with a growing awareness with an individual sensitivity.

August 27th
Chez Jacki

I found this video above showing Terry Cronin from Buffalo Girl, Australia. Beautiful…I’d have her at VOODOO MARKET in a minute if she was from Berlin. Do you know anybody in the Berlin-area doing anything similar?

Hips + Head

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I have this body reception when listening to great music. Electronic music gets my head spinning, sending endorphins down my spine, right into my dancing toes, followed by some sort of trance-like feeling in my head. But Hip Hop, Soul and the likes just make me want to draw some 8s into the dancefloor with my hip bones. I love both experiences everytime a good song comes up. Therefore the tune of the day CENTURY GIRL feat. Devonte Hynes makes my entire body shake. Putting S.M.O.O.T.H. into electronic music: this tune is hips & head like nothing else I’ve heard this year.

Thanks to Les Berlinettes for finding this goody!

Lookbook ::: ATSURO TAYAMA Spring-Summer 2011

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Oversized shirts with asymmetrical cuts with light-as-air colors and fabric, yet melancholy  –  solitude and boredom have never been this appealing.


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INFLUENCERS – a short documentary that explores the role of trendsetters and how a trend spreads. Focusing on creative scenes the message is authenticity, honest devotion and never to forget your social engagement and to offer mentorship to young talents.


Quote from the webdoc:

A tipping point is the biography of an idea and the idea is very simple. Ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread just like viruses do.

Malcolm Gladwell

On brand establishment and the usage of influencers:

You can’t fake it – you can’t create like this movement overnight. It’s not about one individual or a brand paying money to one single person…It’s about brands really embracing a culture and a scene and empowering it and creating a true partnership.

Things To Do When There Is Nothing Else To Do

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I am stuck at home today with bore-out syndrome. No, I just got a bad cold but staying in bed being unable to catch a single straight thought, I am roaming the internet catching up on some new music. Somehow I find Keri Hilson keeps getting better and better. (I know the video is a bit much with all the painful expressions but the song is great.) I was never a big fan of her “I Like” ( I think it’s right next to Rihanna’s “Umbrella” when it come to most annoying songs.) “Breaking Point” is definitely a song I could listen to all morning but I guess I’ll be asleep in 20 minutes again so I’ll keep looking for more in order not to waste any of this gifted time. I got some catching up to do!

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