Bye Bye Sunny Days

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Bye bye summer. Bye bye cute little shirts and bags. Berlin is facing freezing weather these days. Time to look back at things that will have to wait until next summer to see daylight again.

The above is a DIY shirt I made from a shirt I found in a vintage store in London’s Brick Lane, where Anne Hathaway shopped at the same time while I found this retro “Dream-Safari-Print” shirt. (It’s the perfect kind of trashy to upcycle it.) The Aigner bag is vintage from London as well and – surprise – the Oxfords with ethno fabric application are from the island as well. (no vintage here 😉 ) The fabulous jeans? Levi’s Made & Crafted.

London – you dressed me in August!

Back to Vintage

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Apart from the fact that these photos from an editorial called “Crazy Chic” have been photoshopped to hell and back, they tell me one thing: the vintage look is not dead yet. Lately, I haven’t seen much of it on the streets and my visits to the vintage stores have been enormously rare – not to say: barely noticeable. My favorite store in Berlin? There is none but since I will be in Mitte today I might as well visit one of the hotspots in Friedrichstraße.

Made in Berlin

Friedrichstraße 114a

10117 Berlin

Images from ELLE Canada via Not Just Another Milla.

Vintage @ VOODOO MARKET #3

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Mayflower Vintage is a brand that only recently entered the world of internet but has been in the works for the last few years as Luka May, it’s founder, DJ and aspiring singer/songwriter, has been a big fan of all things vintage since many years.

Collecting vintage fashion has become more than just a personal pleasure as it is slowly becoming a big part of his work. As a DJ he has the opportunity to express his vintage glamour aspirations, but he is also trying to bring it into the everyday life.
You can always arrange a visit to his home to see what vintage treasures he is hiding behind his 4-or-so walls.


LeMagass is a Berlin-based one-man company. The label is as multifacetted as is his owner, Mavin.
Being half polish, half guinean it’s safe to say that Mavin is the essence of the modern multicultured Metropole, or better yet: Afropole.

His Vintage-stand carries crazy multicolour 80′s bike-spandex as well as ultra old leather-bags/Gobelin-purses and belts from your grand-grannies’ cool emancipated friend from the 20′s. Inbetween all this you can find sunglasses, hats, shoes and T-Shirts (often with politically incorrect, sleazy slogans-something you don’t want your parents to see you wearing)

I don’t think I’ll have have enough bags or sunglasses.

See you on the 2nd July @ VOODOO MARKET in Berlin!

Image and text via VOODOO MARKET.

..:: Personal Note ::..

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…because I am never personal with you ;-). But this one is a request post. The rapidly growing VOODOO MARKET is looking for vintage sellers for its next edition to join the colorful crowd of young designers, tattoo artists, Lady Gaga’s hair-stylist,… And if you haven’t guessed it by now – VOODOO, that’s my friend Oryanne from the CFT and me. I hope to see you all on the 2nd July on the former playground of the Maria nightclub. We got the market, DJs to get you into the afterhour groove while chilling on the sunny terrasse of  Chez Jacki, a workshop with ETSY and plenty of gifts for everyone while stocks last

NO, THIS IS NOT A FLEAMARKET!!! This is the one and only VOODOO.

Vintage sellers or hair appointments:

The Vintage Touch

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Here are some more impressions from Berlin Press Days 2011.

Styleheads (Those PR ladies were some of my favorites!) presented clothing in reminiscence of the late 80s/early 90s with letterman jackets (btw: I don’t see why people now call it college jacket now if you already get them in High School) and heavily patterned sweaters and cardigans which reminded me of the great style old gentlemen are still showing.

On Time PR’s showroom showed lace, underwear inspired dresses and shoes which drew their inspiration in style from the 60s.

Impressions ::: THE VOODOO’s BEAUTY

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A small creative market with selected vintage, creative designers, tattoo artists, DIY beauty corner with lots of retro beauty items, the cutest voodoo dolls/monsters and homemade pies opened its doors on Saturday in Berlin’s electro club: Chez Jacki – need I say more? Sometimes a gallery speaks for itself.


..:: Safety ::..

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Great 60s commercial on how fashionable a motorcycle helmet can be.


To Market, To Market – Milan Vintage

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What looks to be a tiny part of Milan turns into the biggest antique- and fleamarket in Milan.  Once a month, the canal in the south-west of the city turns into the biggest gathering of style and presentation.

People know I am THE vintage girl and I wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity for any Missoni fashion show in the world. I put on my Aigner silk skirt, which I bought two years ago and the Aigner bag and combined them with an American Apparel cotton shirt and a hat that used to belong to someone in a former life. Black patent leather Oxfords were in order to keep me on my feet all day long.

The market was amazing. They had pretty much everything one could imagine. From mini Biedermeier furniture to 70s glasses, fake and real designerbags to the best jewelry selection I had seen so far – even dogs were carried in “puppy purses” at this outstanding “go see”. (Which I thought the most ridiculous thing one could do to a living being).

By the end of the day my feet hurt and I didn’t dare to buy much. Except for a few, the sellers were all pros and demanded exceptionally high prices for the goods. The most fun is browsing through the beauty of past times anyways, right?

StrickenBar + Etsy ::: Designer + Fleamarket

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The StrickenBar got together with Etsy Germany for an afternoon of vintage, unique designer sales and the Stricken Terrasse, which is of growing popularity. Friends of mine and myself had our own fleamarket corner right on Jacki Terrasse‘s dancefloor which we had decorated in the style of the coziest Laundromat we wish it existed. Loads of clothes, accessories, a clotheshorse, nailpolish, fashion magazines and a vintage issue of a German nude magazine were our setting. (Notice the headline: My wedding night with the crazy guy from Sydney – how “wild” that must have been in 1968.)

Many creative labels sold the most unique items Berlin had to offer that Saturday afternoon. One of my favorites was the label “PIMP” which doesn’t only create the craziest circus-like outfits ever but is also the creator of the rising star in Berlin’s hipster bag scene: the “ALDI GAGA” bag. Our neighborstand really got my heart pumping because the necklaces by “forkit!” were an excentric yet absolutely wearable mixture of wildly patterned leather and filigree metalls and Oh lala Tartes shop took good care of us while Jacki’s bar provided anisdrinks, beer and lemonade. My personal highlight was yet the Etsy photobooth which was in the manner of one of these quick taking photo cabins standing at airports or streets but Etsy’s laser light background was circa 1989 and original clothing and accessories provided 30 seconds of fun until the session was over – did I mention it was for free?!!! Yes, I went back about 3 times –  and the photostrips will be locked forever in the privacy of my home – what better memory is there for great afternoon with your friends?

Can’t Buy Me Love or The Journey Is The Reward

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Two girls, two beautiful days, two attempted shopping sprees in Berlin’s vintage scene. As you may guess by now, attempted shopping means I didn’t succeed. Some of the pictures were made on Sunday after the rise of the party princesses while my Parisian friend and I took a stroll to some fleamarkets. I must say: sometimes it’s all about the trip. As the graffiti indicates – can’t buy me love – not even when you are on your own money, right Queen E. ?! What we saw that beautiful late afternoon was far better than taking items home. We found out that mushroom season must be back, made a quick stop for a power nap in Weinbergspark and were amazed by the Mitte-oasis that is the backyard and home of Murkudis concept store. The evening ended with take-out food and a movie

Part two was our hunt in second-hand stores in Kreuzberg and Mitte. Let me tell you that Colours vintage in Kreuzberg has a great selection you pay by the kilo but also has THE most arrogant sales people there are in the world. We quickly left the place for some snacks and further hunting – I almost bought that winter dress in Made in Berlin store in Mitte but it I am rarely ever finding anything that fits me. People in the 80s must have been a whole lot taller than me. Let’s hope I will succeed on Sunday ;-).

Have fun clicking through the gallery!

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