Music Monday ::: Turn The Page

Posted in Music by strytllng on August 15, 2011

Because I’ll visit THE island for the first time this week.
Because I am turning a million pages in my life these weeks.
Because two friends brought it up on a lunch break today.
Because I will see them less in the near future and I cannot bear the thought of it.

Video: The Streets via Youtube.

She Wants To Move

Posted in Video by strytllng on August 2, 2011

…the last days of this way too long thesis are finally coming to an end and my mind is gong crazy with the thought of all this spare time ahead of me (spare time is defined: evenings and weekends, which are also working hours now). I have so many wishes that I would all like to do at once: SLEEP, FRIENDS, PARTY (I am from berlin after all) & RUN…how I’ve missed running. I want to go out and meet with my friend, the street again. I cannot believe we haven’t met in so long! I don’t really care what I’m doing as long as I don’t have to sit behind that desk anymore! TAKE ME OUT!

I don’t have a brand fetish – no I am not brainwashed yet. Therefore I posted an adidas Originals video as well as the Nike Run video from Berlin because both videos cater to my hunger for exercise just perfectly.

…Because I Just Can’t Stop Listening To This…

Posted in Music by strytllng on June 29, 2011

The Weeknd – The Party & The After Party
Best song to start a chilled morning when you know the rest of the day will be filled with tons of work and a hectic schedule.

Happy Nasty

Posted in Music, Video by strytllng on June 9, 2011

As bad as 2010 was, the better 2011 is. One of my highlights will be the concert of: “My first name ain’t baby, it’s Janet, Miss Jackson if you’re nasty” in two weeks in my hometown.

Here is the story: 10 years ago, in 2001, Miss Jackson announced her kick-off show for a world tour, to start here in Berlin. It would be the first one in years and it would be in Fall 2001. So I got tickets for my birthday (which happens to be in June). I was as happy as a Janet Jackson lover could be. I had the songs in my ears, the lyrics prepared and freshend-up my moves. But we all know very well what happened in the late Summer of 2001. The world stood still – in shock. Nobody knew how we could go on with the life as we knew it and the concert in Berlin was canceled. Now, exactly ten years later, she is coming back for one night in Berlin. And it isn’t just any night. It’s the night before my birthday!!!  Miss Jackson do you hear me???? I will have my last evening before my adult life starts with you – and a very beautiful friend.

Now, that’s the way love goes!

Song for Milla

Posted in Food, Music by strytllng on May 25, 2011

For a blogette that seems to get the best out of Paris life. Read her lovely, very food-centered blog here.

The Sound of Ice Cream

Posted in Music, Video by strytllng on May 19, 2011

The sound of Summer.

..:: Anthem ::..

Posted in Music, Video by strytllng on April 21, 2011

Ice Cube ::: It Was A Good Day

That’s exactly what I am expecting for today. Common…a friend coming over for a fresh breakfast in the sun??? I feel excited and tough today and thanks to my love, I have this song stuck in my head. That’s gotta be a good sign. So let the sun kiss your skin and the wind touch your hair, don’t care about what people say and sing along with me:

I can’t believe, today was a good day

Video Of The Day…

Posted in Fashion Week by strytllng on April 14, 2011

…you know why. 😉

Thursday mood…

Posted in Music, Video by strytllng on March 31, 2011

..a mechanical float with an inherent calmness.

..:: Lykke Armstrong ::..

Posted in Music by strytllng on March 18, 2011

Lykke Li is probably the first musician to play (live!) on the moon with her new video: I Know Places 🙂

Have a great weekend y’all!!!

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