Impressions ::: Subject60 Tour Berlin

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This little blogette got herself a pretty black envelope in the mailbox a few weeks ago saying that the Swedish family car brand will make a hip fashionable fuzz in Berlin’s Station, also residence to the Premium Exhibition. Everybody was invited: The minor celebrities, fashionable people, car interested folk, professional bloggers who saw their chance of taking as many pictures as they could to get an equal amount of clicks on their platforms the next day and then there were those like me: LYKKE LI LOVERS.

Yes, that’s right: Lykke my dear if you read this: hola! From your Acne booties to the black leather cape/longjacket, I loved everything about you effortless look. Your sets may have been short but were pure energy. Too bad the big cameras in the front row slowed down your spark from inflaming the second row but I didn’t care and neither did you, when you said:

Stop taking photos with your fuckin’ cameras and dance with me.

See, this is why you are a true artist and not just the stylish musician, many PR people would like to make you.

The rest of the evening can be summed up like this: drinks, drinks, drinks…all with alcohol (which is weird considering there was no water available for the first few hours at a car presentation event-but we liked that too), great job on the decoration with the big screen animations and the karaoke car performances but I must admit, while Lykke surely pulled in many guests, the Borchardt’s catering by Berlin’s most prominent celebrity restaurant, wasn’t any less spectacular.

Did I mention that Yvan Rodic and Adam Port were also part of the “spectacle”? Too bad Yvan was barely seen taking pictures of guests, because I love to watch him pull out people out of the crowd. DJ Adam Port on the other side did a great job getting the dancefloor moving.

As for my own comfort that evening, I celebrated it with friends and my “for free” outfit. An oversized squared jersey short dress from Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood which I got as a hand-down from a friend accessorized it with multiple gold chains which were either given to me by friends & family or which I got from parties in Berlin. My purse was a tote by No.74 which I got at the launch of the “I like my style” magazine a few weeks ago.

All in all it was a roaring night for Berlin’s fashion crowd supporting my ever-growing admiration for Lykke Li.

..:::Thank You Note:::..

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Dear past week,

I am grateful for many things this past week (well, not the grey-ish thing covering up Springsun). I got to invitations to see Sex and the City 2, One invitation to see Lykke Li perform while Yvan Rodic from Facehunter will document the fashioncrowd and Berlin’s celebrity restaurant , Borchardt’s, will provide some catering but what I liked the most must have been the arrival of the prize that I won from a Twittercontest from Miggy Likes The Internet.

Playful Promises, a London-based lingerie and swimwear boutique, so kindly hooked me up with one of their beautiful swimwear creations. The model I snatched is called Suzy Bikini and I can tell you: Suzy and her little fan print and ruffles are quite the eye-candy. Too bad we will never see the sun this summer. Suzy and me would have such fun at the beach!

A big THANX to Miggy and to the girls at Playful Promises!



Impressions ::: Facehunter in Berlin

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*Waiting for Yvan*

Journalist Jan Joswig with Berlin Fashion TV
BerlinFashion.TV crew

Danish Beauties

*He may have been late but made up for it by giving everyone in the room some personal time.*

Hunting Faces

Anna from kalinka..kalinka

Happy me


All Photos are Strytllng’s own. Bookimpressions were photographed from the original FACEHUNTER book,

Interview ::: When Yvan Rodic came to town

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It may have been the last interview of the evening, we were tired and sometimes misunderstood each other but Yvan surely is a great interview partner. When being asked a question he will answer calm and eloquent. He takes his time for everybody who is interested and wants a piece of him. He is charismatic and keeps the bloggers standing in the interview queue happy with champagne. Yvan Rodic is a true professional who does what he likes and sometimes seems like he hasn’t realized that the formerly small blogger has become a celebrity and media spectacle wherever he goes. Watch the video and you will know what I mean. After misunderstanding my first question he comes back to answering it and tells us what fashion means to him, why he comes out with a book after making a buzz on the internet and what will be next for the handsome streetstyle blogger.

I am not obsessed with fashion…I like the idea of it as a form of creativity – a personal expression.

Easy as a breeze

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I just got back from an evening full of highlights. First of all the interview with Ivan Rodic (Facehunter), then a very long and intimate evening with friends that I haven’t seen for a long time. I feel very happy right now – I feel like this was close to perfect and the birds tweeting like they only do at springtime made me smile all the way home at 4am on a breezy March morning in Berlin. The video expresses my current mood. Deep melodic joyful melancholy because you know that this moment is perfect but will never last. Just like the birds in the video we are here to inspire and create – everyday anew.



Douglas Greed – Oh MY

From the three track EP called “St. Eisbein” that has just been released on ‘Freude Am Tanzen’.
Video via YouTube

Open Call ::: Questions to ask Yvan Rodic aka FACEHUNTER

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We all know and love his blog FACEHUNTER. Can you imagine a little blogette’s heart jumping up and down when a PR agency tells her that she will meet Yvan Rodic himself for his book release this Wednesday???!!!! I am kinda goin’ nuts over this. Love his blog, his realistic aesthetic, his eye for simple details – love FACEHUNTER.

+++This is when my blogette heart pumps in: Just  three more days to go. What should I ask him if I got five questions to pose?+++

My dear and loyal readers – can you help with this joyful task?

The most innovative questions will be forwarded to Yvan and the results will be published on Strytllng.

When + where = Facebook.

Your Strytllr.

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