Sunday Favorite ::: Dungarees

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If I could live in them – I would. Dungarees are just the best for occasions such as the weekends, festivals or any other lazy fun day. They scream at me whenever I see one: TAKE ME, I AM COMFORTABLE! Here is a selection of some stylish examples that will allow you to leave the house in them – and not just to go to the bakery around the corner.

The Reformation, Capri Jumper, made from repurposed vintage denim.

Pixie Market, Wythe leather overall. And Zara dungaree.


Always a great place to find denim dungarees: vintage stores and flea markets.

Free People, Straight Eyelet overall.

Straight eyelet overall // Free PeopleFree People dungaree

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..:: Bags + Order ::..

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Now this is as intimate as it gets for a girl – I am showing you my bags. As you can see these are clearly almost all vintage (except for the big white clutch which I simply couldn’t resist in Galeries Lafayette in Paris and the grey Zara with the heavy chain strap) and across the shoulder purses. Not pictured are my current new loves, the backpacks – that would be another challenge.

I am proud to call all these babies my own and whenever I find a new love, trust me the family will keep on growing which brings me to my problem already. I don’t mean to treat them badly but I just don’t have a lot of room for them in my small apartment. Which is why I will have to sell some on an upcoming fleamarket @ Jacki Terrasse on the 28th – but I am not doing this light-heartedly, trust me. Yes, I already feel bad to see them squeezed into the two boxes but what’s the alternative? How do you store your bags? I am looking for anything decorative and with a preference of having them rest right where I can see them. The furniture solution below is very original but I don’t think it will serve the purpose very well.

Furniture element via Entwurf Direkt.

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