Never Liked Flowers…

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…until I met him.

I also never thought I could choose to live without internet for two weeks – until he asked me to. I am going on a vacation – a real vacation for the next two weeks starting today. No internet, no smartphone – just books and my running clothes. How about that? Where to? Corsica. Croissants for breakfast, vine and cheese for lunch , fresh fish  with local herbs on the grill for dinner and Orangina all day.

I will miss the big city maybe for a day or two but I am overwhelmed by the thought of being in France with him again.



His Blue Suede Shoes

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The “Cole Haan Theophilus Blue Suede Buck” looks awesome and is the dress shoe to have this season. The collab comes complete with a 10” vinyl of London’s cover of Nat King Cole’s “Calypso Blues.”

How is this possible? I love everything this man does!

Image via Timez Are Weired.

The Weekend

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Berlin, I love you but every once in a while I love to cheat. You know I’ll always come back to you.

I am off to a beautiful weekend outside of the city. I am heading south towards Thuringia. What will you be doing this weekend?

Image via source.

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Could This Be?

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Who made this miracle happen? What is different? Do I really like this editorial featuring Alexa Chung? Did I really fall for the 60s aesthetic? (It’s been a little too “out there” since H&M are using it for their Fall key-looks) Is it my lack of vitality (ask me about some strength left in those sore muscles of mine.) or am I not the only one loving this editorial from Harper’s Bazaar UK?

As you may know, I am not a fan of overly present people/things/trends/campaigns/… therefore I haven’t been the biggest Alexa fan out there. Don’t get me wrong, she definitely is a beautiful girl with a very interesting appeal, a good sense in style and I am sure she is nice too but she’s been EVERYWHERE these past two years, presenting her “unique” style. I pretty much got bored at one point seeing her on yet another magazine cover – until today. But what is it that makes me like these photos so much? I’ve been thinking about this for two hours now and here are my racing thoughts about it: it’s the photographic ‘snapshot’ aesthetic paired with these relaxed 60s looks. It’s not about her – any model could have been staring in this feature. My favorite protagonist in this editorial is in fact the knitted sweater in the record store.

Pattern? Anyone?

Images via Studded Hearts.

Personal Favorite @ Rainy Portobello Market

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Here is what you do when you forget your umbrella in your hotel room in rainy London. Hide under a bridge, find out there is a small stand with two lovely ladies giving great manicures at an affordable price. Sit down and enjoy this little piece of heaven (including a massage!).

My very highlight at Portobello Market on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

China Glaze “Aztec Orange”

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