Current Mood ::: Accessory Envy

Posted in Editorial, Fashion by strytllng on April 28, 2011

Everywhere I go I see it: jewellery I love but don’t own yet. What is it these days that makes me search for unique accessories on an almost daily basis? Maybe it is the lack of time? You cannot go wrong in size when you buy it on the net. Is it the lack of cash? Accessories will update the old and very basic wardrobe and give it a more individual twist without having to replace all of your clothes. Maybe it’s the fact that Summer is rushing in and the lack of warming layers needs to be compensated with some extra weight to smoothen the transition into the warmer season?! Maybe it’s a combination of all the above but actually I am just a young woman who loves playful experiments and is sometimes drawn to the beautiful shine that’s not the ordinary jeweler’s bling.

I am definitely a blogette seeing a trend in clothing becoming of secondary importance while accessories are taking over the spotlight in stylings.

Seriously, who is looking at the clothes in the image? The Vogue PARIS styling is all about the model’s jewellery.

Image via source.

Discovery ::: GOGO PHILIP

Posted in Fashion by strytllng on April 26, 2011

When Georgi (Gogo) Philip Peckinov, Milanese banker turned jewellery entrepreneur he didn’t aim for the rich and famous. Instead he aimed for fun-loving and out-going women world-wide. Taking inspiration from the infamous designs of the last four decades, GOGO PHILIP‘s vintage inspired jewellery stole the spotlight at the Müller & Zenone showroom during the Berlin Press Days. Literally every blogette and journalist entering the small showroom at Hotel Amano in Berlin Mitte, jumped for joy and asked for details about the unknown young designer. To our surprise, the eye-blinding beauties are very well affordable and are available at Topshop.

While the current collection, as seen on the first photo, was an homage to the golden era of disco, the second collection is far more boho. For all of you with access to Topshop you know where to get your own little piece of playful accessory. For a blogette like myself that means waiting for GOGO PHILIP coming with his own store to Berlin.

Top image via GOGO PHILIP homepage. Other images are Strytllng’s own.

..:: Anthem ::..

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Ice Cube ::: It Was A Good Day

That’s exactly what I am expecting for today. Common…a friend coming over for a fresh breakfast in the sun??? I feel excited and tough today and thanks to my love, I have this song stuck in my head. That’s gotta be a good sign. So let the sun kiss your skin and the wind touch your hair, don’t care about what people say and sing along with me:

I can’t believe, today was a good day

DIY ::: Shoppingbag

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I am infected with what I call the DIY fever. There are a million cool things you can do by yourself these days. It’s not only a very cheap way to get stuff you want, it’s also about environmental recycling of our old things and giving them a new polished purpose instead of giving into the heat of consumerism. But the best part of doing something on your own is – well – you can say you did it on your own while you felt your creativity juices flowing.

The bag pictured above is made out of an old T-Shirt and I L.O.V.E. it. Detailed instructions can be found on Honestly…WTF.

Image also via Honestly…WTF.

Berlin Press Days ::: Day 1 @ Agency V

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If WOOD WOOD, Monki, WEEKDAY, Stine Goya, Sabrina Dehoff and Henrik Vibskov are gathered in one showroom, it’s a place that I don’t save for last. It’s Agency V showing some of the most beautiful Scandinavian and Berlin designs and it meant my most anticipated stop during Berlin Press Days 2011. Stine Goya showed harmonious soft coloring and lovely details in print and design, WEEKDAY brings back the basic T-Shirt, the cargo workwear look and western trend has arrived in Navajo-inspired prints and heavy tailoring. And then there is Sabrina Dehoff…do I really need to praise her stunning jewellery?

Something To Look Forward To

Posted in Fashion by strytllng on April 18, 2011

This Pointer Farai is a fusion of great styles such as  workwear boot + minnetonka and boat/deck shoe. The beauty was one of my last big surprises at the Berlin Press Days on Friday. I had found my new wintershoe as soon as I had spotted it in a room filled with a collection of vintage inspired shoes and boots which I loved entirely. I can hardly wait to slip my skinny jeans into these and welcome the first snow.

But for now, I am very much looking forward to raspberries growing on my balcony.

DIY ::: Statement Rings

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I have been inspired by the Acne Fall 2010 accessories and L.O.V.E. the combination of a metallic copper shine and sun-kissed skin. I finally went to get something similar yet affordable. Beautiful understatement jewellery was the result of my latest trip to the hardware store. Wherever I am going these days – people keep complimenting my rings. They go so well with the western-inspired wave that’s slowly swashing over my Summer wardrobe.

And here is how you do it

1. Go to the closest hardware store near you

2. Enter the plumbing aisle

3. Choose from all the exceptional copper beauties for an absolute bargain price

4. Enjoy the benefit of being first and don’t expect others NOT to copy you. (Because they will.)


Favorite Label BPD 1 ::: Pendleton

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The American tradition brand PENDLETON overwhelmed my fashion hungry soul with their western-style line. If you’ve been following me these days, you’ll know my heart has been beating for western-inspired clothing for a while in fact, WESTERN is my new BOHO in Summer 2011.

I want that vest!!!

Look du Jour ::: Stine Goya @ Agency V

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I loved this Stine Goya look at Agency V during the first Berlin Press Day. It is simple with special attention to the details such as the zippers, accentuated shoulders and the hypnotizing print.

Video Of The Day…

Posted in Fashion Week by strytllng on April 14, 2011

…you know why. 😉

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